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Github, A boon to developers!

Github is a platform which allows the developers around the world to develop new programs(codes) and share it to many other developers who are so desperate to learn programming.Also it allows you and your co-worker to develop and share the revised versions of codes with each other it also helps the developers to keep their code in one place. So lets see how to utilise Github.

Necessary Elements of a Great Web site.

While every designer may have a different plan when it comes to building a website, they do have a common checklist. No matter how you try to avoid it, there are a few elements every website should (and usually does!) include.

1. Space : Space is one of the most important design tools because it dictates everything—from flow, to readability. Designers are beginning to use space in ways that we did not see on the web a decade ago. More site designs include vast spaces, increased spacing between lines of text, and an overall use of open space.

Space is also important when it comes to creating a focal point for users. An image or piece of text surrounded by white space will appear larger and more important than one that is crammed into a smaller or tighter location in the design.

Top 6 Android Libraries

This blog post takes a look at Six Android libraries which android developers should know about. libraries are an amazing way to speed up coding for Android and makes it really easy to create various effects.

The 6 libraries are listed below:

using a framework to create better choices

Many a web developer has found themselves asking, “Is using a framework a good idea?” A framework is a pre-produced structure or template that implements common coding features found across most websites or web applications, but is it always a good idea?

Framework is the fundamental structure where you can add effects and plugins to make the website more functionally-rich and user-friendly. There are several frameworks available today such as PHP and CSS. Frameworks offer bundles of benefit. Here are some advantages that frameworks offer and these will surely motivate you to choose one for your next project.it’s a common misconception to refer to a framework and a CMS (content management system) interchangeably. It’s not always completely clear what the differences are, but they are not the same thing.

What's New in CSS4?

CSS 3 is still slowly making its way onto the web, but the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the governing body that oversees the development of web standards, is already plotting the future of CSS with CSS 4. The W3C recently released the first draft of CSS 4, adding dozens of new rules to make web developers’ lives easier.

What’s the Big Deal About Mobile First?

The majority of us would have gone to a site on a cell phone and observed it not to be versatile inviting? Moving side to side to see the page, zooming in and out to have the capacity to peruse the substance or to discover interface you are searching for. It can be exceptionally baffling and irritating.

Generally, most website specialists and their customers have moved toward the work area side of any venture to start with, while leaving the portable part as an auxiliary objective that gets expert later. Indeed, even with the ascent of responsive plan, a significant number of us start with the "full size" site and work our way down.


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