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Laravel is one of the powerful open source , MVC PHP Framework is used to develop a new creative development and full featured web applications. It offers high performing websites and applications.

Although it is new platform, when it comes to best practices that are compulsory to create something effective and great performing.

This PHP platform has a well-defined toolbox that enables developers to write less code that results in less error possibility.

Laravel has become very popular among professional development companies in the Laravel Framework, because of its excellent services and its wide range of capabilities. It is free to develop many attractive and performing web applications with the less repetitive code activity.

Let's talk about the great features of Laravel Framework, which gave it the walk and huge popularity among developers:

1. Authorization and Logical Technique Coding:

When anyone develops code to create an app, the authentication part is the most important aspect. The amount of time any coder takes to create something new is also determined. Laravel has the logical technique to simplify license logic and control access to resources. Coding time has been greatly reduced with the validation computer code incorporated in Laravel. Application reasoning is a major feature that makes it more popular because it offers the code providers flexibility and freedom to build everything from small websites to enormous software.

2. Template Engine:

Also known for the built-in innovative and lightweight templates of Laravel Frame. This is what allows developers with highly impressive content seed to make something dynamic and engaging. The different widgets available also help to create solid application structures. This framework is designed to create something unique and distinctive.

3. ORM (Object Relational Mapping):

This framework is equipped with the smartest ORM with easy implementation of PHP Active Record. It allows developers to raise issues or queries with the database using simple PHP syntax to avoid writing to SQL code. It provides easy interaction with the database table for developers through the provision of a corresponding model for each table. This ORM is much faster than any other PHP frames.

4. Libraries and Modular:

This framework is also enhanced by the pre-installed object-oriented libraries and many other libraries. The most popular library with up-to-date and useful characteristics like password reset, active user monitoring, Bcrypt hashing, and CSRF protection is the most popular. In addition, it is separated into multiple modules compatible with modern PHP principles and allows developers of the Laravel Framework to develop user-friendly, useful and responsive sites and applications.

5. Artisan:

It is also linked to an integrated control device, which is also known as Artisan. This command allows developers to perform several tedious and repetitive tasks that they often avoid doing manually. The developer also develops a skeleton code, a database structure and its migration. The system database is also easy to manage. Generating the basic MVC files via the command line and managing the assets and their configurations also becomes easy.

6. MVC Architecture Support:

This support from the MVC helps to present codes clearly and logically. The performance, documentation and various other functions are improved.

7. Secure Migration System:

Laravel's migration process is also very secure, allowing users to expand the web app without making any effort to modify their database. This migration process is complete, safe and leak resistant. PHP code is used instead of SQL in this whole process. It also contributes to the creation and easily integration of database tables and columns and indices.

8. Unique Testing:

Many developers also fall for Laravel due to the excellent unit testing methods. This framework performs a number of tests to ensure that the amendments don't harm or break the web application unwanted. It can be seen as a careful framework alert to its known flaws. In addition, developers can write unit tests easily into their own code.

9. Intact Security:

Naturally, application security is the main concern for every development of the Web app. Without doubt, every developing company uses an efficient process to secure the app. In its own context, this framework is well equipped with the safety system. It comes with a hashed and salted password that does not allow the password to be saved in the database as normal text. The password is encoded using a' Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm,' which provides a safe password generation. In order to prevent any injection attacks, it also applies SQL statements.