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Features of Android Pie

 “Android 9 Pie” the new release of Android is here with its simpler and artificial intelligence tricks. It is available for pixel devices. It helps the user to spend lesser timer on the device.


  1. Gesture Navigation :

The slim small pill-shaped icon has taken the place of bottom navigation buttons.

The user will be able to visit the recent apps by sliding up the screen and can flick through. You can again go the home screen by tapping the pill-shaped icon. The back button icon will be appear when user opens another application.

  1. Adaptive Battery :

As not all of the device applications are been user regularly, Android pie make sure that the unused apps don’t use the same battery power. The rarely used applications gets only limited battery access which eventually keeps your phone last longer.

  1. Do Not Disturb :

Once you placed the phones face down on the table the DND feature will be activated. So that you can get rid of pings and other notification. The users contact number which are starred can be able to reach at you in any emergency case.

  1. Notification Management :

If any the application keeps on pinging you with the notification Android pie will notice and prompt you will the alert message asking you if you like to continue to receive the notification or not. Long press will redirect the user on the app notification screen where you can manage notification .

  1. Search Bar :

The Google search bar is been moved from top to bottom making easy to reach by the finger.


  1. Screenshots Improvement :

On long press on power button a shortcut will appear on the screen the user can take the screens shot by tapping on it. The user will be able to quickly access the edit option to screen shot it provides the markup tool to edit.

  1. App Time Limit :

 Android pie provide you to restrict the usage of application by setting the usage limit. After the restricted time the app icon will turn to gray, and the user will be unable to use the application unless and until user removes the limit from settings.