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using a framework to create better choices

Many a web developer has found themselves asking, “Is using a framework a good idea?” A framework is a pre-produced structure or template that implements common coding features found across most websites or web applications, but is it always a good idea?

Framework is the fundamental structure where you can add effects and plugins to make the website more functionally-rich and user-friendly. There are several frameworks available today such as PHP and CSS. Frameworks offer bundles of benefit. Here are some advantages that frameworks offer and these will surely motivate you to choose one for your next project.it’s a common misconception to refer to a framework and a CMS (content management system) interchangeably. It’s not always completely clear what the differences are, but they are not the same thing. A framework is a set of pre-written code or tools to help you get started before you take off in any given language. Examples of frameworks are Laravel and CodeIgniter for PHP, Ruby for Rails, Django for Python, etc. A CMS or a web development platform is a broader term referring to an application with “out of the box” features such as a blog, forums, and of course, content management. CMS examples include WordPress, Liferay, or Joomla.


In any framework, Developers with years of experience have created codes that have no mistakes. As these codes, have been tried and tested it is safe to use these codes. With any framework, all coding efforts gets minimized. The absolutely free codes also meet the industry standards. The cherry on the cake is the fact that these are clean codes that are bug free as all the issues have been fixed.


Security is one of the most relevant reasons why a framework is used. You may contradict that there are more chances of hackers breaching the security of this as they might know everything about the thing. Well a part of what you think is true but there is another way to think. As most of the developers working with the framework has right knowledge they can work on it to improve level of security and data protection by fixing the bugs on time thereby keeping hackers away.


Using framework reduces efforts that developers need to put in. With framework, it is just like reinventing things as most of the introductory work has already been done a hundred times. Thus, the developers do not need to invest a lot of time, effort, operational cost, and other inputs to get the work done. Website creation become simple as a blueprint is already there to assist them in finishing their work in the most streamlined manner. And the designing and development costs reduces tremendously.


Frameworks are like a warehouse where all the tested and tries functionalities are stored and can be used as and when needed. These features are good to do with and make websites functionally rich. For instance, if you are creating a website with WordPress as the framework you get the freedom to add 21000 plugins. It is like the developers have their hands on a gold mine.


Framework gets updated regularly making it safer and securer. By timely updates, maintenance work reduces and performance enhances.

These frameworks are trustworthy and reliable when it comes to creating intuitive user-friendly, feature-rich, and dynamic websites.