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What is React native

React Native is used for building native mobile applications, it is an Javascript framework.It uses React framework and offers inbuilt component and APIs.React native allows build native application for both ios and Android .It targets mobile platform instead of targeting browser. It works separately from the main thread, so maintain high performance.

React native helps the developer to reuse the code across mobile and on web. That means the developer don’t have to build the same application from scratch on ios and Android ,it reuses the code across each of the operating system. To accommodate different sizes od screen , Flexbox support is offered .

The data inside component are managed by the state and props.

• Props : They are “Immutable” that is props are unchangeable .In react native the data flows in one direction from Parent to child. So the component receives the props from their parent. As they are immutable they can’t be changed inside the component. It mainly helps to write the reusable code.

• State : It works differently as compared to props. They are “Mutable” that is changeable. The state are internal to the component where as props are passed to the component.

React Native Features :

1. React : This is an Framework helps build web and Android application using javascript.

2. Native : Native component can be used which are been controlled by Javascript.

3. Platforms : It supports both Android and IOS Applications.


1. The logic for React native applications are written and runs on javascript .

2. Javascript : Javascript knowledge can be used for building the native applications.

3. Code sharing : Most of the code can be shared on multiple platforms.

4. Community : The community is larger ,which helps finding solution quickly.


1. Javascript is fast ,but for heavy calculations javascript code is not efficient as compared to java ,swift .

2. React native is an emerging platform ,so newer versions are released every month.

3. Javascript does not enforces the type of variable .That is it’s and loosely-typed language.