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What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps are web sites that gives modern browser capabilities and development best practices to improve user experiences than native applications.

This things happened because they have  advantage of service worker caching, push notifications, responsive design and performance best practices. They are implementing as much features as possible to provide best, app like, user experience.

Tips for integrating payment gateway in mobile application

We are living in the era where people love shop and pay online. Online shopping and e-commerce business is the foundation to succeed for the merchants. Easy payments can be done for purchasing any item from e-commerce site, booking tickets for train, flight or movie, etc.


CMS is a truncation for Content Management System, programming which gives you the capacity to oversee and refresh the substance of your site easily. When the site is created, you can basically sign in and deal with your site. In addition, you don't have to depend on the software engineers to roll out improvements to the site. It is anything but difficult to alter the content on a specific page, deal with an eCommerce site, include new items, direct stock, estimating, and play out a few different capacities. The absolute most prominent substance administration frameworks are WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla.

Apple ResearchKit and CareKit

Earlier today Apple people held one of their special events, where they unveiled a bunch of new iDevices and iServices. Even though you attended these events - having followed Apple professionally for many years - more times than you care to remember, you will still get amazed every time by how they are meticulously crafted to focus the attention on the products, despite the actual innovation load that they bring along.

Java Vs Kotlin - which language can work best for your next mobile development project?

If you are a mobile app developer, Java was most likely your go-to language for building android apps. however did you recognize that new languages which may challenge Java's leadership within the android world area unit doping up everywhere the place? one amongst them is Kotlin, a comparatively new language some individuals believe is on its way to exchange Java on the mobile development scene.

Here's an in depth comparison of Java and Kotlin to assist you choose which language can work best for your next mobile development project.

Zend Framework


Zend is open source PHP framework. It is object-oriented and built in the MVC design pattern.

Zend framework contain collection of PHP package which is used to develop web applications and services.


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