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What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps are web sites that gives modern browser capabilities and development best practices to improve user experiences than native applications.

This things happened because they have  advantage of service worker caching, push notifications, responsive design and performance best practices. They are implementing as much features as possible to provide best, app like, user experience.

Progressive Web Apps is a term that was brought in by Google engineers which intrinsically combines the best of both the worlds: the app and the web. Since the majority of traffic is increasingly coming from mobile devices the PWA is the best approach to drive traffic and increase revenue. Responsive apps yes, help re-form the layout depending on the devices but quite ignore the expectations of today customers for speed, app-like experience and easy access to features.

PWA are platform agnostic. This means you can develop or provide your PWA from any web server, CMS or web infrastructure like PHP,JAVA,ASP.NET etc. to any client-side platform. Client platforms include any mobile device or browser. Whenever if the user's browser does not support modern APIs a PWA gracefully defers to traditional experiences, meaning everyone is included.

If one can Deliver a good progressive web app experience and his business can grow much faster and cost effectively than if could in the past through the web or native applications.

Progressive Web Application Minimal Requirements

These three technical requirements get you started in PWA.

  • Web Manifest
  • Service Worker with Offline Caching Mode

PWA User Experience Requirements

Reliable:  Irrespective of the network or the browser the PWA loads quickly and the Service Worker written in JavaScript is primarily responsible for this.

Fast & Integrated: Besides the instant loading the interaction is quick and scrolling is smooth

Engaging: The PWA app feels and looks like a native app offering various features of a native app.

Progressive web apps are the best in class of web experiences. they provide not only are the best web sites they offer user experiences in parity with native app counter parts. They offer many facilities to businesses to engage with customers that native apps cannot touch.

PWAs can work offline, It  should load quickly and provide new channels to reengage visitors to build brand relationships. Developers love them because they provide them a new playground with the features service workers offer.

For developers and business stakeholders Progressive Web Apps are the winner is customer engagement applications.