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Tips for integrating payment gateway in mobile application

We are living in the era where people love shop and pay online. Online shopping and e-commerce business is the foundation to succeed for the merchants. Easy payments can be done for purchasing any item from e-commerce site, booking tickets for train, flight or movie, etc.


Type of merchant account:

  1. Dedicated merchant account :
  • It provide more control over the various operation like controlling the speed of money transfer, etc.
  • The purchase process takes longer time.
  1. Aggregated merchant account:
  • It’s a one place where you as well as other people can also store funds.
  • The process is easier and quick.

Working of payment gateway:

  1. Customer visits e-commerce website or booking application searches for the appropriate product, selects the product and adds to the cart.
  2. The customer is then confirmed about purchasing the product.
  3. Bank card details are then asked from the customer which is then redirected to the payment gateway.
  4. The integrated payment gateway then encrypts the data and forwards it to the associated bank.
  5. The bank then validates the request.
  6. On the “Approval” an authorization code is send to the seller by the bank issuer.
  7. After all the process finally the amount is debited from the customer’s account and is then transferred to the seller.

Mobile app payment gateway:

  1. PayPal:

The PayPal mobile sdk is more popular and allows to accept bit coin, credit card , etc.


  • Split payment facility
  • Simpler invoice
  • Report of financial activity
  • Own checkout page
  1. Stripe:

Offers customization to the developer with its simple design.


  • Supports both Android and ios platform
  • Allows social media icons for payment
  • Financial report
  • Also accepts Bitcoin
  • Supports multiple programming languages
  1. Braintree:

Another popular payment gateway


  • Recurring bill facility
  • Payment with credit card are safe and secure as it uses PCI

SDK’s are offered by all of the mobile payment gateway providers. Thus, integrating SDK makes the task easier for the mobile app developers.