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Android Speech To Text

We can make use of voice command search on google in android .This is an inbuilt feature in android as android SDK has the capability to integrate the speech recognition services to turn speech into text.

With the help of this in-built feature we can add some of the interesting feature in app like filing form using speech and voice navigation,etc.

Information Dashboard Successful Designing Strategies

On-page display that have key performance indicators in real-time is called as an Information Dashboard. To make it easy to read, a modern dashboard often contains graphics like table & charts.

When it is designed well, it will help you to see critical data or information as well as data patterns quickly.

To design user friendly Dashboards some tips and Techniques are given below.

Display the Information Logically

Advantage taken by good dashboard design is Natural Reading pattern of our eyes from left to right. As we know that when we see the webpage we start observing from top-left region og the page as we read content of the screen from left to right. 

Main strategy is to keep highest priority data at the top-left region whereas keep lowest priority data at the bottom region of the dashboard.

Let’s look at the dashboard below, a case where content wasn’t arranged in a logical fashion:

The information in the, "Top 10 Customers by YTD Revenue" and "Number of Users by Age Group", doesn’t change frequently in two upper charts.

Cloud hosting vs Shared hosting

What Is Shared Hosting?

This type of hosting plan that has multiple no of websites hosted together and sharing resources on one server, Shared Hosting works just as its name implies - : your site is hosted along with other websites on a single server(disk space, storage, bandwidth and databases etc).

Advocates for shared hosting appreciate its cheap cost and ease of use when it comes to features. Most, if not all the web hosting providers offer this hosting plan. Shared hosting requires a dedicated web server provided by the web hosting provider. It is however not the best option for websites with a lot of traffic.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting services provide hosting on virtual servers instead of having your site hosted on one server. In case of an issue, your site can be migrated to another server.

 Cloud hosting technology allows numerous machines to work in synchrony as one entity. The success of cloud hosting is guaranteed by the presence of many servers.

Web Vs Native Vs Hybrid App

When you decided to build mobile app one question raises in your mind that which type of platform has to be use for development like Web,Native or Hybrid? .It completely depend on your project requirement,size and other matrics.This topic helps you choosing platform for mobile app development

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google declared Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to enhance the execution of versatile pages. Clients can see website pages with video, movements, and illustrations that would stack immediately, close by brilliant advertisements. AMP permits to make lightweight website pages.

AMP is an open-source library that gives a clear method to make site pages that are convincing, smooth, and load close immediately for clients. AMP pages are simply pages that you can connection to and are controlled by you.

Difference between Java and asp.net

Large Applications use two major technologies Java and Asp.net.Both are used for server side application development.Often organizations and developers need to choose between the two.And because no platform is ideal there are advantages and disadvantages to either, one needs to look at the similarities and differences between the two.

The Differences between two are Programming language used bewtten them


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