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Android With Kotlin

Kotlin originated at JetBrains is a programming language for JVM and Android that combines functional and object-oriented programming feature.

Kotlin features:

1. Open source:

Kotlin is an open-source programming language .It also provides a single-click tool using which ,developers can convert existing java code.

2. Java Interoperability:

The best feature of android kotlin is , interoperability with java . This feature had attracted many developers to learn kotlin.

3. Lazy-Loading :

It’s the best feature for the developers who want to reduce the android app start up time.

4. Collection Filtering :

The developers when working with the API need to deal with the collections. But this feature makes easier to filter the resulting list.

5. Enhance Development Speed :

It requires 20% less coding as compared to java .Thus, makes android developers task simpler, quicker and efficient.

6. Null Safety :

It has in-built null safety. It resolves this problem by incorporating inherent null safety. This saves the developers from writing the extra code.

7. No Raw Types :

Kotlin does not allow raw types as it can throw a CastClassException resulting more type-safe code.

8. Avoids Extra Garbage Collection :

It resolves the common problem in android development that adds inefficiency in java code.

9. Extension function :

It helps in building the clean APIs and solved some other problems too.

10. Free :

Its available for free .we don’t need to spend money to use it.

Tools for Android Development :

The set of tools for android development are offered by the Kotlin team :

1. Kotlin Android Extension :

It is a compiler extension that replace the findviewById() in code with the synthetic compiler-generated properties.

2. Anko :

It is a library providing set of Kotlin-friendly wrappers around the Android APIs. It also eliminates few XML related coding.