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Angular JS vs Angular

Angular JS

Angular JS is open source Model-View-Controller framework which is used mostly for developing single page applications.

1. Angular JS is written in Javascript.

2. You have to remember right ng directive in order to bind property or event in Anular JS

3. Angular JS is designed without considering mobile support.

4. Angular JS uses MVC(Model View Controller).Because of Which App development is faster.

5. In angular JS, because of two way data binding development efforts reduces. But because of more processing on client side, page loading takes more time.

6. Angular JS is better solution for rapid front end development. Because it does not need any framework or plug in.


Angular is Typescript based front end web application platform.

1. Angular uses Typescript language which is a superset of ECMAScript 6(ES6).

2. Angular uses ‘()’ for event binding and ‘[]’ for property binding.

3. Angular is designed by considering mobile support.

4. In angular there are components and directives. They deal with view of application and logic on page.

5. Angular has much better structure to create big application. Maintenance of big application is also easy in angular.

6. Angular has improved dependency injections.