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What is Codeigniter Framework ?

CodeIgniter is a web application framework, used in a website of PHP.

For building a web application we spend a lot of time in writing the same code again and again. Frameworks provide a starting block and minimize the amount of code needed to build a website.  



 1. Application:-

Application folder contains all the code of application The Application folder contains several other folders, which are below: −

  • Cache − This folder contains cached pages of an application. These cached pages increase the overall speed of accessing the pages. 
  • Config − This folder contains various files to configure the application. 
  • Controllers − This folder hold controller of application.  
  • Core − This folder will contain a base class of application. 
  • Helpers − In this folder, we can put helper class of application. 
  • Language − This folder contains language related files. 
  • Libraries − This folder contains files of the libraries developed for an application. 
  • Logs − This folder contains files related to the log of the system. 
  • Models − The database login will be placed in this folder. 
  • Views − Application’s HTML files will be placed in this folder. 


This folder contains all the code which is organized in various folders:-

  • Core − This folder contains core class. All of our work will take place in the application folder. 
  • Database − The database folder contains database drivers and database utilities.  
  • Fonts − The font folder contains font related information and utilities. 
  • Helpers − The helper's folder contains helpers (such as date, cookie, and URL helpers).