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Cookies- Set Cookies in Codeigniter

Cookie is file with unique Id that stored on your local machine. When you visits some kind of shopping or e-commerce or booking websites that websites server drop one file with unique id in your internet browser history. Stores browsing details like preferences, Login details, pages clicked, what had you searched, how much time you had active on that specific website. Websites do that to enhance the user preferences and give you good recommended result when you visit the same website next time. Sites can use cookies to improve your browsing experience, for example, to keep you signed in or to remember items in your shopping cart. Cookie is just use to identify the user. The size of the cookie file will be 4 KB. 

Bootstrap Flex & Its Uttilities

The Flexible Box Layout Module in bootstrap is employed for planning the versatile and responsive layout structure. it's utilized in Bootstrap four.

Apply display utilities to form a flexbox container and transform direct child elements into flex things. Flexbox containers and items are able to be developed with an additional flex property.

Wireframe -How Companies like Google and Flipkart design Apps and website

What is wireframe

A website wire-frame also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint is basic visual representation of element on a website. The Wire-frames are created for the purpose of arranging the elements to best way for a particular purpose. Wire-frames can be pencil drawings on paper or they can be produced with commercial software applications.

Key tips of Responsive web design

What is responsive design?

Responsive internet style (RWD) is AN approach that permits style and code to reply to the scale of a device’s screen. which means it provides you the optimum viewing expertise whether or not you’re viewing a four in. robot mobile, your iPad mini or a 40-inch cinema show.

Why is responsive style thus important?

Responsive style will assist you solve a great deal of issues for your web site. it'll build your website mobile-friendly, improve the method it's on devices with each massive and little screens, and increase the number of your time that guests pay on your website. It can even assist you improve your rankings in search engines.

ReactJS – A powerful tool for building amazing UI.

ReactJS is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. It is maintained by Facebook. Leading companies, like Apple, PayPal, Netflix, while over 32 thousand websites are built using React JS framework.

A Simple element

React elements implement a render() methodology that takes computer files and returns what to show. this instance uses Associate in Nursing XML-like syntax referred to as JSX. computer file that's passed into the element will be accessed by render() via this. props.


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