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Team Foundation Server in Asp.net

Software development could be a team activity currently over ever. after you admit groups, what ar the key objects that return to mind? First and foremost is that the straightforward notion of a project. Not project within the Visual Studio answer sense of the word, however rather a collection of people with shared goals to be achieved during a desired time. Team Foundation Server calls this a team project

TFS(Team Foundation Server ) is built using Windows Communication Foundation web services.With Team Foundation Server, you can create new team projects quickly without having to do hours or days of setup work in various tools using various techniques.

TFS provides an integrated set of options that you simply access through your applications programme or a supported IDE, including:

  1. Git repositories for source control of your code 
  2. Build and release management to support continuous integration and delivery of your apps 
  3. Agile tools to support designing and trailing your work, code defects, and problems different strategies 
  4. A variety of tools to check your apps, as well as manual/exploratory testing, load testing, and continuous testing 
  5. Highly customizable dashboards for sharing progress and trends.

Visual Studio Team Services requires no setup. A user signs in using a Microsoft account to set up an environment, creating projects and adding team members. New features developed in short development cycles are added to the cloud version first.

Team Foundation Server may be a code life-cycle tool designed specifically to boost code development team collaboration and increase productivity. Team Foundation Server delivers version management, work item following, project management, and build management capabilities.Above all, it focuses on the linkage between the central objects a software code team manages, and on the distinctive integration and automation potentialities 

Following are the Steps to work on TFS.

1.Go To Visual Studio ->Team Explorer ->New Team Project (It will redirect to tfs site).

2.On that Give Project Name (as follow).

Android Google Maps

Android API of Google map allows to add the map to your application based on the Google maps data. The API automatically handles the access to Google Maps server, data downloading and map display . This also includes the built-in support for accessibility . Google maps are implemented using MapFragments . MapFragment is the sub class of Fragment class.

why shouldn't we use website templates?


In any case, nowadays, there are many web engineers whose thought of custom website architecture is pick a pre-composed format from an online store and including your organization's logo and substance. While this approach by and large yields a lower starting value point, once in a while does the last yield comes about that keep going long haul.Your business has a special character.

Firestore VS Firebase

Firestore is google's new database. It's NoSQL database and it's amazing. It's fast and it's more intuitive and best part is you can now make queries with the database.

Now in case you have been aware with the firebase It's is amazing real time database but there were some limitations with that database.

It was amazing real time database but you can either sort or you can filter in that database but all these kind of a drawbacks which were in the firebase real time database now has been overcome into the firestore.

In the firestore you can chain up your queries and sorting and all kinds of queries that you can do in the NoSQL database. 

How to Use Fragments in Android Application

Fragments can use to create a dynamic and multi-pane user interface on android application. Fragment can create with the “Fragment” class, which behaves similar to a nested activity that can define its own layout and manage its own lifecycle. Fragment allows developer to break the screen into different section.

Building Websites using ASP.NET

What is ASP.NET?

Active Server Pages (ASP) has been arguably the leading choice for Web developers building dynamic Websites on Windows Web servers. ASP has gained popularity by offering the simplicity of flexible scripting via several languages. That, combined with the fact that it’s built into every Microsoft Windows-based Web server, has made ASP a difficult act to follow.
Development in ASP.NET requires not only an understanding of HTML and Web design, but also a firm grasp of the concepts of object-oriented programming and development.



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