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Android Google Maps

Android API of Google map allows to add the map to your application based on the Google maps data. The API automatically handles the access to Google Maps server, data downloading and map display . This also includes the built-in support for accessibility . Google maps are implemented using MapFragments . MapFragment is the sub class of Fragment class.

Google maps requires few permission :

1. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: This is required to check the state of network.

2 .INTERNET: This is required to check the internet connection status.

3. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: As Google maps stores the map data in external storage, this permission is required to write to external storage.

4. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: This permission determines the user’s location using Wi-Fi and mobile data.

5. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: This permission determines the user’s location using GPS

6. OpenGL ES V2: This is required for Google Maps V2 .

The API allows to add the graphics to the map like:

1. Marker

2. Polylines

3. Polygons

4. Ground Overlays

Type of maps:

There are four type of map and each type give different view of map .The types are as follows:

1. Normal: It shows typical road map, that is it shows the rivers, roads and labels.

2. Hybrid: It shows the satellite photograph data with the road map.

3. Satellite: It shows the Satellite photograph data where roads and labels are not been visible.

4. Terrain: It shows the topographic data which includes colors , contour lines and labels.

Difference between v1 and v2 map:

1. User location:

In Google map v1 MyLocationOverlay was used to detect the users location

In Google map v2:

2. Highlighting markers:

It has become very simple Changing the marker icon has become a one line code.

In Google map v1:

In Google map v2: