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What is a domain name?

What is a domain name?

We know that every computer/machine or website has its unique IP (Internet Protocol )address with the help of that IP address we can connect to a particular website’s server. Our humans have the ability to user stand and remember the name instead of Number so we purchase names for websites called domain names which is user-friendly. But the machine only understand the IP address of websites

What is DNS and how its work

DNS ( Domain Name Server) Works as a phone book that maps a domain name to a numeric internet protocol address. When the user enters the domain name in the search bar of the browser then this domain name request is passed to DNS server DNS is one kind of server or system where the web address gets mapped with IP address. Then DNS passed IP address as a response to the browser after getting IP web browser generates the HTTP request and send to the server. A server process that requests and send an appropriate response on the user interface.

Types of Domain

1. Primary domain: the name of the domain is called primary domain. Eg. www.amazon.in here amazon is a primary domain name

2. (TLDs) Top–Level Domains: The suffix comes right after your primary domain name is called TLDs.

Types of TLD

Types of TLD defines the types of websites

1. Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD): This is commonly used TLD’s eg

  • .com : Commercial business
  • .net: Network organization
  • .org : Organization
  • .gov: Government agencies
  • .edu: Educational institution
  • .mil: Military website

3. Country code top Level Domain (ccTLD): These Domain s are based on country code

  • .in: India (eg : “amazon.in” made only for India)
  • .uk: United kingdom
  • .us: United States of America

4. New Top Level Domain: This is a descriptive types domain means it describe the purpose of the website

  • .career
  • .cafe
  • .yoga