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7 Good Reasons to Use Symfony Framework for Project

A web framework for PHP is a class collection that helps to create a web application. Symfony is an open-source MVC framework to develop modern web applications quickly. Symfony is a web framework full stack. It includes a number of PHP parts that are reusable. In apps you can use any Symfony parts regardless of the frame.

Symfony has an enormous quantity of features and an active community. With YAML, XML, or annotations, it has a flexible configuration. With an independent library and PHP unit, Symfony integrates. Symfony is primarily influenced by the internet application frameworks of Ruby on Rails, Django, and Spring. Many open source projects, including Composer, Drupal, and phpBB, use Symfony parts.


Symfony was released in 2005 and has made a long way to win the reputation of the most mature and reliable PHP framework. It is the number 1 choice for the enterprise web applications. And here is why:

1.High Flexibility:

Symfony is one of PHP's richest feature frameworks. Bundles and Components are Symfony's two most exceptional technological advantages that make it so amazing.

The bundle is nearly identical to a plugin. Look at it as a set of documents (PHP files, stylesheets, JavaScripts, pictures) to implement any functionality (for example, blog, shopping cart, etc.). Bundles have the primary advantage of being decoupled. For many apps, you can reconfigure and reuse them to decrease general development costs.

The components are generic features that reduce routine tasks and enable developers to concentrate on specific business features. There are 30 helpful elements from Symfony to enhance the process of growth. You can separately use parts and add your own custom modules to the architecture without any problems. Symfony elements can also be used in other frameworks (e.g., Laravel) or in PHP alternatives on a stand-alone basis.

2. Company behind the technology:

Symfony is one of the few commercially supported frameworks. The company-creator and sponsor, SensioLabs, is actively contributing to its reputation. They provide official certification and tutorials. You will discover a timetable of upcoming meetings around the globe on the Company website. This demonstrates the scale of their intentions and beliefs and their seriousness.

3. Proven reliability:

Over time, Symfony has demonstrated its reliability while many other frameworks have failed. Many well-known platforms like phpBB, Drupal, Magento, and eZ Publish use their parts. And you definitely know the following companies with their websites that trusted Symfony which are National Geographic, TED, VOGUE etc.

4. Easy testing:

Each new line of code should be tested to ensure an application's stable work. Bundle reuse, the lack of rigid dependencies and the chance of creating design patterns contribute to Symfony's improved maintenance and testing. Due to the use of PHPUnit autonomous library, unit testing is very simple. Also, functional testing is automated to decrease the routine of the developer.

5. Long-term support:

Symfony is a stable, well-tested and regularly updated framework. The latest variants remain supported on a long-term basis and consistent with the latest releases: for some variants up to 3 years.

6. Large community:

A good community is one of the influential aspects of a framework survival. The official website says in their community 2000 + contributors (1734 on Github). This number is several times greater than the number of other communities in PHP frameworks.

7.Good Documentation:

Many techniques have a issue with incomplete or obsolete paperwork. Compared to other PHP frameworks, Symfony documentation is regarded one of the finest. It is clearly written, well-structured, echampled and updated from version to version. An explanation of each element and the process of growth as a whole can be found.