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DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library.Data tables have been in use since the beginning of Web development. The structure of the table hasn’t changed and will not change, because, it’s a table. The way you stored data it directly impact on user who read that data.Basically datatable provide structured format to the data.

DataTable is combination of Titles , Labels and Data

(Titles + Labels + Data = Data Table)

Common Uses Of Data Tables

• Tables make organizing information in a clean and readable way very easy.

• They can be used to store and show large amounts of information, small amounts of information.

• Many websites use them to compare products, services and, as mentioned, pricing plans.

• Because of the chart-like layout of tables, they are extremely useful for making comparisons

• Data tables are often used to compare pricing plans. They provide space to show the names of plans, prices and the unique features of each plan.

Styling Data Tables

 Styling the Table plays the big part to attract the user. Here are a few styling elements that work better for data tables.

• Alternate Colors

The most important characteristic of any data table is readability.The alternating colors for columns and rows. This makes it easiy to read .

• Borders

Separating cells with borders is extremely important. Borders make data much more readable and avoid confusion.

• Ample Spacing

Like borders, spacing between data contributes to usability. In each cell, leave sufficient padding between the border and data. Use at least 20 pixels of space.

• Simple Background Colors

Data tables should always be simple, use simple Light colors. Avoid using bright background colors that reflect poorly on the data being presented.