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Case Study: Websites We Designed For and How They Improved Sales

Conversion rate optimization is often the best way to boost lead generation, because by making your conversion flow more efficient, you’ll increase your numbers and see a higher ROI on your existing investment.

Conversion optimization is both an art and a science. Few digital marketing agencies put it to good use, instead opting to focus in on just the tactics themselves and not necessarily the on-page elements that drive conversions. Conversion Rate Optimization is something we specialize in at Omnicore Agency, as we like to go above and beyond to help our clients see success.

Below are somr points to rember for better Lead Generation.

1. Updated Design Increases Conversions 33%

Rainerview  old website :

Rainerview Redesign website :

You can see the difference between the two designs. One is boring, has one call to action, and gives no good reasons why anyone should choose RainerView. The new website lets visitors view a demo and also gives them reasons to try RainerView.

If your website looks like the original RainerView, get a new design. It’ll pay for itself once you see a conversion bump.

2. Adding a Picture of a Person Increases Highrise Signups by 102.5%

People relate to people better than they relate to products or services Whenever you can add a human element to your offer, it will be more engaging in most cases.

The result – conversions spiked by 102.5%!

3.Making Call to Action More Prominent Increases Conversions 591%

Nature Air had several landing pages with conversion rates they weren’t satisfied with. After some research, they ran an A/B test on each landing page, one of which moved the CTA to a more prominent location.

Here is one of the test pages that has the CTA in a prominent position on the page.

4.Adding Reviews Boosts Conversions More Than 35%

Helping the visitor navigate and make decisions proves once again to be helpful at increasing conversions and making the visitor more likely to buy.

5.Redesigning Pricing Page Brings 25% More Conversions

Sometimes it only takes a few small tweaks to increase conversions and that’s the case with BaseKit. The company felt their original pricing page wasn’t performing as well as it could and decided to test a redesign that resulted in a 25% increase in conversion rate.

Here is what the old design looked like:

Here is the new design:

As you can see, they’ve added color behind the prices and to the “Try Now” button to make them stand out more. They also made currency selection more eye-catching and made their recommended plan more visually prominent through color and positioning. Overall the design looks cleaner and easier to read.Your pricing page is critical and even though a prospect has made it that far in your conversion funnel, poor design (or copy) can still lead to drop off

Clean, clear design performs well because people want to know exactly what they’re getting before they make a purchase.

6.Adding Testimonials Increases Conversions 34%

Testimonials can give visitors assurance that previous people had success with you, thus ensuring your reputability.

7.Changing the CTA Button Color Increases Conversions by 21%

Different colors evoke different emotions from users and as simple as it sounds, the color of your CTA buttons matters. Performable (now HubSpot) tested their homepage CTA button with green and red colors, while keeping the copy the same. The result was a 21% increase in conversions.

As the article mentions, button color is easy to test. Experiment and you may be surprised with your results.The smallest details can have a big impact .Red is an action color and often performs best on buttons and links.

8.Implementing Live Chat Improves Conversion Rates by 211%

There are virtually unlimited ways to improve conversions and you shouldn’t feel limited to the standard A/B tests such as headlines and button color .Live chat is a valuable tool because many prospects will have questions, but they don’t want to take the time to email your company or call your sales person.Introducing proactive chat, where the visitor can see the chat box, may improve conversions if placed in areas of your website where visitors have questions.