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App Development Mistakes to Avoid

The mobile apps has become extremely popular, in recent times with a high penetration of smartphones, all over the world. These mobile apps are often based on new ideas of business. The process of mobile app development is a complicated process. An app that is improperly developed for the target audience, is an absolute failure. So, in order to make the mobile app into an absolute success, the mobile app development must avoid some of the mistakes you commit, while building an app.

App Development Mistakes to Avoid

Following are the mistakes that need to be avoided:

  1. Taking into Account of the Target Audience 
  2. Best Operating System for your App 
  3. Bloated Features 
  4. Skimming the User Experience 
  5. Non-inclusion of User Analysis 
  6. Trying to be Beta Testers of Your Own App 
  7. Marketing After App is Submitted

  • Taking into Account of the Target Audience 

You must analyze the requirements of the target audience. The customer must have the best possible user experience. The opinion of the users of the apps as well as the those who wants to use the app must be brought under consideration. Make sure that the features are satisfactory for the majority of users.

  • Best Operating System for your App 

The choice of the operating system need to be well thought out, before the mobile app development company starts to build an app. The various versions of operating system require adaptability from the app developers, making their lives complicated. Android is the best platform for app development, when access is needed to lots of data on the smartphone. However, Android does not have that many different versions. iOS happens to be just a mirror image of Android and the Windows OS is never the first choice of the developers.

  • Bloated Features 

The mobile app development company must never rush into the app development process, when the quest is for developing an app that has the core features. Developing a Buggy app is not the right decision. One more mistake is the transformation of the online experience of your website to the mobile screen. Replication of online experience need to be avoided and one must rethink the mobile interactions and the entire user flow. 

  • Skimming the User Experience 

The mobile user always seeks for an easily navigable and usable experience. A poorly designed online application may be put up by the online user. But, the app developers must offer an intuitive user experience.

  • Non-inclusion of User Analytics 

Launch your app and use analytics service to take data-driven decisions, right from the beginning. Measurement must start at the very beginning, as that makes things better manageable. An analytics service like Flurry is generally used for design, user experience and content, providing valuable insights on the app usage.

  • Trying to be Beta Testers of Your Own App 

Beta testers are important for the mobile app development. They are for offering an outside perspective on detecting issues related to your app. These are valuable feedback's to build an app, with user-friendly interfaces. App-analytics tool like Flurry or Universal Analytics from Google in order to see how testers are using the apps. Make your app face the real-life challenges more by beta-testing the apps by the outsiders from your office.

  • Marketing After App is Submitted 

The marketing activities for your app start before even you start with the submission of the app in the App Store. Start researching the technology blogs on similar apps, before even you start sending emails. The emails must contain a concise description of how your app stands apart from the competition.

You must not assume that the app will sell by itself. Publishing your app is like getting tossed among thousands of competitors. The first and foremost task is to define an audience, whether you are operating in a niche market or aiming for a broader market. A comprehensive plan in place is very much needed for increasing the visibility. Getting a featured status on the app store for your app is a good marketing strategy. Many new apps were featured by Apple, which has innovative ways to handle iOS 8, when it was released for the first time.