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What is Flutter?

What is Flutter?

Flutter is technology design by Google and recently launching its an amazing technology. As mention on google website Flutter is mobile SDK meant for designing high performance and high fidelity mobile app for iOS and Android for the single code base.

Flutter is single code base not like react native which uses most of the internet technology eg.HTML, CSS, JSX.

Single codebase produces iOS and Android app. Flutter is coming with their own programming language called Dart.

Dart is an unknown programming language for the most of the people in fact for me it really new I never heard about dart. I just came to about it through google conference.
Dart is really fast they are using the C++ base engine.
It is not OEM widget dependent so it's relatively fast.

Is Dart easier?

If you are familiar with Javascript and Java language then you will find really comfortable with Dart.
Dart also uses lots of a CSS part as well so you will find really comfortable if you are good at front-end technologies

The biggest selling point of this Flutter takes two things first is their high-performance app and the second one is hot reloading.
Dart is easy to understand but now days finding people who already know dart is going to be a little bit challenging.

 What is live reloading?
Whenever you write code simultaneously app state not reloading you need to run an app for checking design. After that, you will find changes in an app.

What is hot reloading?
In hot reloading writing code with simultaneously app state changes continuously according to your code modification.Y ou don't need to be run an app and will get changes in design simultaneously

Now dart and the whole flutter thing as well as react native things are business solutions, for example, I took up the apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime now they are already stable business and the need their iOS and Android app. Now react Native and Flutter give kind of business solution to these companies would like to hire a single team so that they can have a single codebase and can manage their iOS and Android app it reduces down the cost quite a lot, as well as managing of the team and code base, is much easier.

Flutter already comes up with already built in Cupertino as well as material design so whether you are moving for completely iOS experience or Android experience that is going to be relatively easy and you don't have to use third-party anything that we like to use in react native

What Flutter is not?
In the documentation, they are saying that flutter is being used inside the firewall which is really an issue.

Customer Adoption:
Some example of the popular app which is already using Flutter:1.Hamilton Broadway musical



4.Birch Finance