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Email Scheduler


In many web application we need to send schedule(automatic) emails and we schedule them. like: 

  • Sends emails on a daily basis. 
  • Send the message at daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals  
  • For this, we tend to unremarkable used windows services or windows application. 

But during a shared host surroundings you are out of luck for running these reasonably application as a result of you do not have access on a shared server.

What is it ?

               Sometimes we want to reach people as quick as possible, but other times, we’d prefer to have an email reach someone on a specific date. With Right Inbox, you'll be able to schedule emails to send themselves at the proper moment. you'll be able to write emails once you have time, however send them once they’ll truly be browse. 

Advantage :-

1. No need to buying for dedicated servers.

2. Perform scheduled job method through our ASP.NET internet application.

How to Schedule an Email :-

  • Ensuring that you just emails get to the Inbox of your audience at the proper time are often vital. 
  • After making a custom email you will schedule your email to be sent days and even months before victimisation the Flashissue Editor. 
  • You can schedule invites, announcements, emails to leads, follow-ups and far additional. It’s straightforward to use and helps you save time and energy within the future. and it’s all done from your own Gmail inbox. 

How does it work ?

    It couldn’t be less complicated. Write associate email such as you unremarkably would, however rather than hit send, schedule a selected time. 

Step :-

1. write a great email.

2. Instead of clicking Send Now, choose the Send Later

3. You can choose one of the options, or define your own using the At a specific time option as follows:

– After selecting at a specific time, a dialog will appear. Choose a date and time you’d like your message to be delivered. Optionally, use the timezone option to have Right Inbox automatically calculate the time difference between you and your recipient.

– Alternatively, you can use the box labeled “Type date & time or duration” to schedule a future date in plain English. For example, you might type “in 2 hours”, or “Mon @2PM.”

4. Select the blue, Schedule button and your message will put itself into the queue.

What is Web Service?

Web Service is associate application that's designed to act directly with alternative applications over the internet. In simple sense, Web Services are suggests that for interacting with objects over the internet.

Web Service is :-

  • Language Independent 
  •  Protocol Independent 
  •  Platform Independent 
  •  It assumes a stateless service architecture. 

Web Service Communication : -

Web Services communicate by victimisation web protocols and data formats, such as




Example of Web Service (Emails scheduling ) :- 

  1. Weather news: You will use Weather Reporting web service to show weather data in your personal web site. 
  2. Stock Quote: You will show latest update of Share market with Stock Quote on your site. 
  3. News Headline: You will show latest news update by exploitation News Headline web Service in your web site. 
Schedule a Task:-

Scheduling a task in code this term means that any code that will one thing, causes one thing to happen, and has action thereto. Example:

• Making an object appear

• Making an object move

• Fire any event

• Trigger functions

         Timer counts automatically. once the timer counts down the quantity of your time set within the preferences, it executes no matter code is in it, then it automatically restarts and counts down once more.