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Mobile applications & IOT.

The way we experience and interact with devices is changing. Internet of Things also knows as IOT is a concept in which smart devices/appliances are operated using the mobile applications. It extend from smart connected homes, to wearables, to healthcare. In fact, IoT is slowly becoming necessity of our life. They provide us with comfort and simplify our daily routine.

 There are devices like Smart watch or say heart rate monitor or many other devices which are connects your iPhone or Android uses internet. To use such devices there is need of applications to handle request of device. IoT integration is all about APIs, the logical flow that allow applications to interact with each IoT devices. APIs expose data that enables those devices to transmit data to your applications, acting as a data interface. Or, they can allow your application to control the device and serve as a function interface.

The emerging dynamic between mobile apps and IoT devices has remarkable potential, and as a result, has effectively opened the minds of organisations seeking to harness the full potential of the coming IoT. 

How Have Mobile Apps Influenced IoT?

The relationship between IoT as an endpoint and mobile apps as remotes is rather clear, but apps also have the ability to act as sensors, similar to IoT devices.

If you are is thinking about leveraging native operating-system (OS) functionality and using mobile apps as sensors, such apps can be utilised to collect background data before sending it to a server in ways that they — from a technical standpoint — have never been able to do before. One such example would include sending information about a user’s location in the background. This might not qualify as a traditional visit, session, or user interaction, but it can remain an important event along the customer journey, and the data collected could — and should — provide a more personalised user experience. This data can be used to enhance a user’s relationship with the user.

Such mobile app use cases have helped IoT define the relationship between data coming through and the ultimate problem the user is trying to solve. By analyzing the various ways that mobile apps as sensors have helped businesses report, collect, and analyze data, brands already have a head start in the transition to understanding the possibilities of IoT devices.