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Github, A boon to developers!

Github is a platform which allows the developers around the world to develop new programs(codes) and share it to many other developers who are so desperate to learn programming.Also it allows you and your co-worker to develop and share the revised versions of codes with each other it also helps the developers to keep their code in one place. So lets see how to utilise Github.

1. Sign up to Github:

In order to use Github you need to create your account with Github.   

2. Create a Repository:

 A Repository is a directory which is similar to a directory on a computer which is used to save your project or part of codes at one places. You can add, modify the programs whenever it is needed.

 For creating a repository login to your account and click on the + mark on right top corner.Enter all the details name of the repository followed by other details.

3. Create an local git file in your project directory

 For this use the command prompt on windows PC and terminal on MAC. Go into your repository using cd command followed by path of your directory

        cd -/your project path

4. Create a git repo in you project directory and  upload data to your git account.

You can use the following set of commands:

  1.         git init - to initialise empty git file in your local dir
  2.         git username "your user name"
  3.         git user email your email
  4.         git add your files 
  5.         in order to add files you can drag drop the files after git add or type path of file.

Enter the part of code you find on your Github page on creating a new repo like below

  1.        git commit -m "first commit"
  2.        git remote add origin path to your online repo
  3.        git push -u origin master

Once you follow the procedure your files will be uploaded.

In order to upload your files to existing repo use following code

  1.        git remote add origin path to your online repo
  2.        git push -u origin master