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UI-UX Designing: Fundamentals and Common Mistakes


        User Interface/ User Experience also known as UI/UX. is the feeling,experience user gets from its looks and by interacting with the design , what they feel about the design, simplicity in using the application and how efficient is it. It is much more important to know some of the fundamentals and mistakes committed to be kept in mind while developing the UI/UX.

Lets us consider the fundamental points to be kept in mind while designing the UI/UX.


        The most important point to keep in mind while designing a UI is acceptance. The design which is developed by developer must be reviewed once. It need to be checked how far the end users will accept the designs as per the UX the get. Proper colour ,font and size of content must be considered in order to get best out of the UI designed.

2. Clarity And Trust

        The designs developed should be such that it will give the clear picture of the functionality to user. Clear design are easy to understand and are easily accepted by the users. These designs prove to be good and good designs are considered to be trustworthy because of its clarity.

3. Familiar and Delightful U/UXI:

        The UI developed should be simple and easy to understand, familiar design are widely accepted throughout. Easy to understand designs always gives a pleasure to user and is used all over.

4. Testing UI/UX:

         The final UI/UX must be tested by a test team of users so that the developer gets an idea about the acceptability and clarity about the design.

Also developers needs to keep in consideration some common mistakes that they commit while developing UI.

1. Developers think that UX is one person responsibility.

         For the best outcome from UX, it should be considered as a responsibility of whole department and not a single person.

2. Consider it as the task for beginning of development.

        In order to give best UI/UX to users its important to take feedback from users and keep updating as per the user needs.   

3. Designing done from self point of view without user considerations

         Its important to consider the end user in point of view while designing the UI and UX too.

4. Complex design with overwhelmed contents

         Complex designs and overwhelmed contents make the user feel uneasy to use the UI. so its important to keep the designs simple and with only necessary contents.