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What makes a developer "GREAT"?

Great developers are rare in this world. only 1% of the developers in the world are great developers. Research has shown that great developers show 10 times the productivity of below average developers while 3 times that of average programmers. So what makes a developer called as great developer. Some extraordinary qualities, their attitude towards their work makes the change. Some qualities that makes this big difference are:

1.Positive attitude

Positive attitude helps you to tackle many problems in daily life. It brings  optimism in your life keeping the negativity away. A developer with positive attitude is willing to go out and search for all the possible ways to get his work done. Great developers don't let their ego interrupt their work. They care for the deadlines their delivery of product to customers. Best way to bring a positive attitude in developer is to promote them in all the activities and to encourage them to keep going on the same track with same attitude.

2.Expert in Communication skills 

Good communication skills and good development skills go hand in hand.A great developer is able to find solutions to problems, debug them and find a proper hypothesis and solution to the problem.In order to understand the problem quickly one may require to communicate with people around the globe to find out different solutions and prepare documentations.

3. Manage task and time property

It's essential to manage tasks in allocated time and deliver the completed task to clients with in time. great developers are capable to handle time and task properly and find theirs meeting in time.

4.Quick learning 

Great developers are quick learners. They manage to learn new technologies and techniques quickly without any trainings. This makes them look at a problem from different angle and make the product suitable in every possible way . Great developers know how to reach right people at right time. These people are good self learners.

5. Good team player.

To became a great developer a person must know how to manage a team, work with team. They are capable of finding the solutions by communication with the team player and also make them a good developer, developing different skills in them. 

6. Big technical experience

As per the english proverb "practice makes man perfect" becoming a great developer requires a lot of efforts. He must be able to learn a handful of technologies and master in them. They will code in a very user friendly way with coding standards and comments where ever necessary, such that it can be handed over to any other developer with ease.With all the industrial experience and the abilities they may become capable to arrive at a solution quickly.

7. High end user Focus.

Becoming a great developer isn't just a matter of programming or development. It requires to have a long vision about the end user reviews and use of products. A successful developer will always think of the point end user before executing a product idea to ensure how to focus the users towards the product.

This is what makes a developer a great developer, Are you?