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Awesome Tools for development of Cross Platform Apps

We cannot rest today developing an app on one platform alone even if it is not easy to target multiple mobile platforms with a flair, and if you will try to do so, it will surely elevate the development cost. There are several resourceful mobile application development tools that make cross-platform mobile application development a very simple and effective task. Now a days, every Mobile app development company is feeling the need to create apps that works smoothly across all the platforms. In this article, we will see some awesome tools for development of multi-platform Apps.

1. PhoneGap :

This mobile app development program provided by Adobe for cross platforms is suitable for beginners to translate codes from JavaScript, CSS and HTML 5 and is based on the Apache Cordova project. Adobe tool is absolutely free to use, which further adds to its credibility. It supports a list mobile platforms, and facilitates developers to efficiently work with a slew of native features of a device like camera, GPS, accelerometer etc.

2. Sencha :

Corporate like Samsung, CNN and Google uses Sencha to develop apps which is supported by all browsers. Developers choose it because it works across a handful of devices on different platforms and boosts productivity with pre-built components that save teams lots of time when writing code.Their main product for app developers is Ext Js 5. 

3. Appcelerator Titanium :

Titanium’s SDK  uses JavaScript so able to create native IOS and Android apps while reusing anywhere from 60% to 90% of the same or original code for all the apps you make, thereby saving you a significant amount of time.The tool is open source and constantly updated by participating developers to increase functionalities and fix problems.It facilitates an easy access to more than 300 APIs and location info.

4. Xamarin :

Xamarin is a mobile development tool that includes app store delivery, performance testing and monitoring, and the ability to do virtual tests on more than 1,000 devices to make sure everything is working and displaying like it should. Because of its robust structure, it has been used by industry giants like IBM, Microsoft and Dow Jones. There is a free trial version available while business subscriptions start from $ 83 per month.

5. iFactr : 

 iFactr is a marvelous cross platform application development tool that is quite easy to use. It is ideal for large enterprises to develop their apps quickly for mobile networks.It also integrates Xamarin and PhoneGap to create native android and iOS apps. iFactr also offers strong prototyping options.

6. Kony : 

Kony applies a single codebase for creating mobile apps for different platforms. While it facilitates one to integrate existing or third party libraries, it also comprises drag and drop reusable widgets, and implements JavaScript. Recently Kony launched the Mobile Fabric platform which supports multiple cloud service and middleware tools.

These are a few of the top-notched tools that heighten cross platform mobile application development. You can choose a suitable one by keeping your project goals and target audience in mind.Using a cross platform mobile development tool can reduce the time and cost associated with developing apps on both platforms, but the UI needs to be updated to match each system.