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iOS Application development trends


   As there is a continuous arrival of newer apple devices in market , it has became the necessary for the application developers to get prepared and keep themselves updated with knowledge of the trends in application development. the recent years there is a lot of  change in iOS application development.

Here are some of the recent trends iOS developers should keep themselves updated to:

1. Swift Programming:

Swift is programming language which is gaining popularity over objective C, after Apple made it open source in the year 2015. Swift enables to write a reliable code with its infrastructure using XCode tools.

Reasons why swift is more preferable over objective C are:

        1. It is less error prone.

        2. It is faster in processing the code as compared to objective C.

        3. It is unified with memory management and requires less code.

        4. It is made open source by Apple .

        5. It is interactive.

2. Apps containing GPS and Augmented reality.

Recent application mostly requires the use of location based services which requires the use of maps, GPS coordinates of the device. Such application are used by large number of people. 

The development of 3D games (example: Pokemon Go) are favourite among people which uses GPS devices location and augmented reality in it. As the users open up to location services, the main concern for the iOS app development is security.

3. IoT based Applications

 The mobile app development on iOS will increase the value-added apps for maximum utilization of the IoT products. Hence there is a focus of iOS developers on getting the signals from different sensors and use them in application


Security is the major concern while developing the applications. As in the year 2017 many applications work through internet so apple has its App Transport Security setting which is mandatory for applications using internet data.

5. Marketing and Enterprise Application development:

in the year 2017 there is a huge demand by enterprise company to make their application.This application requires a development of CMS, a web server host for database storage and a few webservices.