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So far, we have already known why a good website matters for every business. It is the first impression of your business online and has a potential to generate new opportunities.

However, designing a stunning website is a hard task and requires tons of creativity and knowledge in software like Photoshop, Dream weaver etc. First and foremost, web designers need to deeply understand what the clients want, which is sometime difficult to put into words.

No worries! We’ve got you back. Here are a bit of homework you have to do before ever approaching a web designer.

What is your website for?

This is the most important thing to be considered. If the designer don’t know what purpose that your website should serve, they can not create an effective one for you.

To do that, you are going to need to take some time to think about who you are, and what the core values of your business are.

Who is it for?

Along with you business goal, you need to determine your target audience. Who will visit your site? What do they want to get from your site?

These are some questions you should ask yourself before moving forward to build your website.

Do you know about SEO?

The funny thing is many people indulge in illusion that just because they built a website, everyone will find it and interact with it, and then, traffic will automatically increase. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not how it works.

So, it’s a must for your website to be SEO optimized. Think of search engines like phone books. People use them to find how to contact with others who they are looking for. Then, if your website is not on the first page of the books, or even not in the list, people will ignore your site for sure.

What kind of content will you need?

Content is king. It will help define your brand personality and is what informs your audience, make your money.

Text. Photos. Logos. Taglines. Take time to think clearly about these things. And then let the designer know, they will make your website design and its content relevancy a perfect match.

What is your budget?

The No.1 question that many business owners have asked is that how much a website actually costs It will take longer and cost more than you think! If you have a tight budget, yes, you can find a thousand of website template out there with a super cheap price. But you know what, your website will look cheap as well!


Building a simple website might be a child’s play, but a seamless one takes complex programming. It’s is about WAY more than just understand the color wheel, keeping up on design trends or knowing how to use white space.

It takes time and practice to produce a “be-you” product which attains the quality online presence your brand deserves, not just a rushed creation from a dull template.