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Strategic Management for Web Design

Strategic Design

Design can be defined as "the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system". But design is much more than just making something look pretty.

Design can range from simple sketches and finished visual design pieces, to strategic marketing plans and architectural systems. At Appmonks, we use a common design philosophy for all of our work, from graphic design, to website development, and online marketing.

'Strategic Design' is the term we have coined to encompass our unique approach to creating purposeful, effective, and affecting design. The Strategic Design process is broken into 5 stages, "5 Ds":

1. Discover

The first stage is about fully understanding the scope of the design project. Discussions, research, specifications, ideas: these are all ways to 'Discover' what the design needs to be.

2. Design

The second stage applies creative energy to the task of creating a vision of the design project. The 'Design' at this stage is not complete, instead providing a clear direction for further development.

3. Develop

With a clear vision, the design is further developed to a finished state ready for deployment. Development may adjust the initial design, but should not stray too far from the initial vision.

4. Deploy 

The finished design is printed, aired, published, implemented, etc. Depending on the project deployment is different, but it is an important component of the design process.

5. Debrief

To finish off, the debrief is an important stage that allows us to take stock, learn from mistakes and challenges along the way, and prepare to do even better in the next iteration. 

By following this simple staged process, we have started to view design more wholistically and take responsibility for our design far beyond just coming up with a great idea or producing finished art.