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The Easiest Ways to Make Your Website Popular

We have summed up some of the easiest ways based on our real blogging experience to make your website popular. As blog content is the essential factor to impact the search engine ranking and website traffic, you can learn about these tips to optimize your website to be friendly to both search engines and readers.

Choose a Reliable Web Hosting to Power Your Blog

First of all, you should make sure your website is fast and online all the time. After all, speed and uptime are the most important factors for good user experience. And your website can be popular among visitors only when it is along with good user experience and friendly to visitors.

Design Your Site with Beautiful Look

Then, you need to customize your website with a beautiful look. In general, a beautiful and well categorized website is more attractive than the common ones.

To customize the website appearance, you may want to download free WordPress themes from WordPress.org. However, there is no FREE deal in our real world. Most free WordPress themes are at no cost, but its specialized features take much time to design.

Write Quality Content

Quality and original content is the most fundamental factor for websites to attract visitors. Besides, the major search engines including Google also place the website with excellent content higher than common posts in search result pages.

At first, you can choose a suitable topic which is hot and favorable, especially which you are good at so that you can easily write something without study it for a long time. Then, you can start to write some vivid and specific content, and utilize sufficient arguments and real facts to prove your points rather than introducing something boring, flavorless and empty. When writing, you can pay attention to the title, opening, sub-title, images, etc. more importantly, you should remember to include the keywords with proper density within the article.

Optimize Your Website SEO Friendly

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a crucial factor to increase website ranking in the search results. So, in order to make your website popular, you can optimize it friendly to search engines at first.

It’s hard to say how to do SEO because it is an abstract concept and includes rich contents and tips. However, you can start it basically by submitting the website to search engines, selecting suitable keywords, optimizing meta tags, building valuable links, and so on.

Note that, the web hosting speed and website themes also have a big influence on website SEO. So you’d better choose the best web hosting to power your site or just go with the reliable WordPress hosting we listed before.

Promote Your Website in Social Networks

Social networks are good places to promote your website as there are millions of people active in social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, etc. Create a Facebook page for your blog right now and start sharing it with other millions of Facebook users. By this way, you can easily keep old visitors and attract new visitors.